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February 19, 2019
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What is Direct Marketing? Top 5 Reasons why it’s Successful

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing was used to mass broadcast via door – to- door techniques, it has transformed with the available resources at times. In this blog, we explore the definition of direct marketing, methods of direct marketing, how targeted audience plays an essential role in direct marketing.

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is a way to publicize the product directly to the targeted audience. It involves presenting information about the company, product or service between producer and end-user. There is no presence of a mediator, its one-to-one, free-flow sharing of information. In this form of marketing, you can know the response easily and results are measurable too. It is a targeted form of marketing. They present information to a targeted audience or potential consumers who are likely to be buyers. The approach may vary from one organization to another, but the core objective of direct marketing is to develop a direct relationship with customers and to generate direct sales.

Targeted Audience

A targeted audience is a group of an audience out of the target market based on their demographics or psychographics such as age, location, education, economic status, political, social, religious beliefs.

 For Example

  •  A sports brand’s targeted audience could be in the age range of 18-29 years or an association with a sports club.
  • Makeup lovers might get presented with Facebook ads from a beauty brand.
  •  An organic protein bar manufacturer can tender their product to gym junkie.

Methods of Direct marketing

Following are the methods of direct marketing

Reason's it's Fruitful

  1. Targeted Approach– As the target is pre-determined, the products or services are presented only to the potential audience who are likely to become buyers.
  2. Brand Awareness– Direct marketing and brand awareness work hand-in-hand to each other as your targeted audience will come to know about your company through branding.
  3. Direct Connect-Since products or services are directly presented to the end consumer, it helps to build a direct relationship with the customers.
  4. Better ROI -Due to the elimination of mediators, it reduces brand costing, hence resulting in more return on investment.
  5. Easy to Measure– Since there is a direct connection with customers, it is very easy to collect feedback and understand the market requirement.

List of Companies in India doing Direct Marketing:


Some customers might not be intended to buy a product or services at first but they might:

    • Visit a website
    • Explore the product or services which you have to offer
    • Call for enquiring
    • Request a quote

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