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Top 8 Must Have WordPress Plugin For Blogs and Websites

Best Wordpress Plugin

Ever since 2003, WordPress has won hearts and is one among the most popular platforms for building websites. But, is building site the only task?In this post, I’ll mention the top eight best WordPress plugin for your blog or site.

This Blog is for those who are publishing their blog post using WordPress. Just before that, you got to feature some plugins to create your blog even higher, speedier, and safer.

1. W3 Total Cache

Google is keen on speed. It desires your blog to load in seconds. And it’s not solely Google. Your audience too.  If your blog is not loading in seconds, nobody is going to wait for it. That’s why you would like W3 Total Cache. It’s designed to extend the page load speed of your WordPress blog using browser caching, object caching, and more. It’s vital plugin.

2. iThemes Security

We live in chilling times. Your WordPress blog is underneath constant threat from malware and hackers attack. I’ve heard horror stories however blogs are hijacked and the way painful it had been to wash up the mess. You wouldn’t wish that to happen and securing your blog is important. And iThemes Security will assist you to mend common vulnerabilities in your WordPress website and shield it from potential automatic attacks. You’ll never understand once your blog might go down otherwise you have to be compelled to migrate it to somewhere, or you wish to revive it. And backing up your journal frequently could be a smart plan and may prevent innumerable headaches. BackupBuddy comes handy and is unbeatable once it involves backups. If you wish to migrate your web log, all you would like to try and do is run a full backup then import it to the new server. You won’t even need to install WordPress.

3. BackWPup

This can be a good free different to BackupBuddy that’s easy to use, and you’ll be able to upgrade to premium if you wish access to their support.

4. All in One SEO Pack

Everyone needs free organic traffic from Google. But, it’s hard to rank to the highest of the search results and find the lion share of the search traffic. Even though WordPress is SEO 1st platform, still several things that require to be optimized for Google. There are many plugins to assist you thereupon. however not all give you a similar advantages just like the few high ones. All in One SEO Pack is probably the first plugin I used, and it’s still going robust. With over one million installations, regular updates and a premium version it remains the highest SEO plugin. The best factor I prefer regarding this plugin is that the feature manager that enables you to choose the options you would like to use and switch off the remainder [other than the final settings] I know what you’re aiming to raise. What concerning Yoast SEO plugin. Well, I’ve used the Yoast SEO plugin that was nice till their recent screw-up that price folks drop by their rankings. If they fix it, then you’ll be able to think about it.

5. WP Smush

If your blog is using heavy images, and then you would like to use this plugin. It smashes the images, compresses them without sacrificing its quality standard. Image size optimization is crucial for the positioning speed optimization that makes this plugin a very important one. There is a premium version out there that is even additional powerful and permits you to try and do more.

6. Akismet

It’s a default plugin that comes together with your WordPress installation, and you shouldn’t launch your weblog without activating it. Comment spamming is one amongst of the foremost important pain every blogger must contend with, and Akismet will create it simple to handle it.

7. JetPack

Jetpack offers a set of powerful options for your WordPress blog – from improved security to raised website performance to a range of content tools to visitant engagement options you get loads from this plugin. And the better part is it’s free and developed by the WordPress creators.

8. SumoMe

This is another powerful suite of options from Appsumo creators that’s targeted on list building and promoting. There is each free and premium version of this plugin. whereas the free version is nice enough for many of the budding bloggers, the premium version offers quite a ton of the practiced. Well, that’s all you would like for now. You’re through with the technicalities.

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