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PPC Company in Mumbai

Kalpdinero is a leading PPC Company in Mumbai, India. With the growing importance of digital marketing as a medium to reach most viewers, search engine marketing (pay per click) becomes the hygiene issue for survival. We as a Digital Marketing Company facilitate effective PPC and search engine optimization Management Services by leveraging the abilities and potential of our Google Adwords Certified Professionals. We make you discoverable and accessible in the best format relevant search engines like google, bing, yahoo that target the relevant audiences. Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) methods are equipped to deliver higher conversion rates with the blend of our team’s hard work and your optimized brand image.

We help to anticipate your customers’ each need, where and when they search, as cost-effectively as possible. Our team of specialists works continuously to achieve the most cost-effective, customer-centric methods to drive your search performance. We provide the best digital marketing services that compliment your organic efforts and build new relationships through highly targeted Digital Advertising.

Why Choose Kalpdinero Marketing?

  • We’ve proven expertise in PPC campaign management

    We at Kalpdinero have started working on PPC campaign ever since the day it became an advertising medium. With such a vast industry experience in online marketing, you entrust our PPC professionals to manage your PPC campaigns at the most affordable process.

  • We have certified professionals to work on your campaign

    Our PPC management team includes some of the most qualified and certified professionals. Our PPC Team is certified from the Google AdWords and has great understanding and managing skills to run a successful campaign on Adwords.

  • Comprehensive and easy to understand reporting

    we offer monthly reporting that shows you how your PPC campaigns are performing and improving under our professional oversight.

  • We offer PPC campaign services on Google search engines

    We offer PPC campaign management services for Google search engines like Google AdWords, PPC Management Services.

SEM Services We Offer

Campaign Setup

Campaign Setup / Campaign Audit

Our Experts will help you with the technical set up of the campaign (or audit the setup of an existing campaign) including ensuring that conversion tracking is set up properly and building out new AdWords campaigns.

Keyword analysis & Targeting

Keyword analysis & Targeting

We will identify keywords to target on both the search network and targeting options on the content network (eg remarketing audiences, show placements, etc.) by leveraging existing information as well as competitive analysis and keyword research tools, and can look for opportunities to expand keyword targeting in profitable areas of the campaign over time.

Bid Management

Bid Management

We’ll set initial bids supported an estimate of likely conversion and desired cost-per-action, and will make changes to bids based on performance, or audit existing bids based on these criteria, and make regular changes to drive the maximum amount profitable traffic as possible.

Ad Text Creation

Ad Text Creation

We’ll create a minimum of 2 (frequently more) Ad variations for each ad group and check the performance of these ads regularly over time.

Display Ad Creation

Display Ad Creation

We’ll have initial display ads created (if necessary) so that the campaign can target sites on the content network that enable image ads in numerous formats, and/or create remarketing campaigns.

Landing Page Recommendations

Landing Page Recommendations

We provide the appropriate AdWords conversion code and to assist check that tracking code is implemented properly and provide specific recommendations for development resources as necessary / before the launch of the campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing FAQ's

What is search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing is the process of promoting and marketing a website through paid listings on a search engine. Although SEM refers to placing ads just on search engines, online advertising as a whole is much broader.

How does Search Engine Marketing help your business?

If you have a business, your internet presence is the most important business tool you have working for you 24/7. Search engine marketing benefits your business by:-

  • Increasing sales for your eCommerce website,
  • Increasing results in your professional services business,
  • Increasing numbers of visitors
  • Increasing whatever action you would like the internet visitor to take
Why do I need a paid search campaign?

Paid search is a powerful advertising medium nowadays. By definition, your ads show solely to those who have already expressed interest in your product or services via a search query. You simply pay once they click on your ad and are delivered to your website. It’s a very fluid marketplace; paid search is tremendously powerful and intensely profitable once executed with preciseness and efficiency.

How does a paid search campaign work?

First, you choose a list of keywords that may be triggered by users looking in search engines like Google or Bing. For those keywords, we write an advertisement to promote your product or services so users can see this ad once they look for relevant terms. you may pay each time a user clicks on the ad and is delivered to your website. the number that you’ll pay relies on a preset “maximum bid” determined by what you’re willing to pay. If you are taking this idea, apply it to thousands of keywords, many ads, and build changes supported a range of information factors, you have got yourself a paid search campaign.

How will my ad get on page one of the search results?

Google allows advertisers to bid for the highest spot on the ad network; however, it usually comes at a high value looking on the keyword. So as to still compete for that high spot, however at a lower value, your campaign needs a good quality score, generally, something in the range from seven to ten is best.